How This New Trend In Welding Inspections Could Benefit You

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The pandemic has adversely impacted every industry significantly and sent the economy into a tailspin. Also, despite COVID-19 vaccines getting rolled out rapidly and quantitative easing reforms implemented by the government, we are still in uncharted territory. Therefore, during these unprecedented times, every business is looking at ways to cut costs without compromising quality, and it’s no different for enterprises that operate in the welding inspection sector.

Consequently, by researching the market for companies that can perform the required industrial testing and inspection services at a lower cost, you will be able to select an appropriate service provider and save money.

At CNDT Canadian Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection, in Cambridge, Ontario, we render affordable inspections and fabrication repairs for our clients and their customers. As a smaller inspection company compared to the more prominent players in the industry, it enables us to build closer and more personal relationships with our clients. 

We achieve this by adhering to our clients’ special preferences and making ourselves readily available twenty-four hours a day. Therefore, if you’re looking to conduct a non-destructive test and inspection across Ontario, reach out to us. With over twenty-seven years of experience, CNDT Canadian Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection will ensure a proper, accurate, and reliable inspection at an affordable cost. 

As a customer-driven organization, we are responsive and committed to safety, professionalism, and excellence. As a result, we uphold our core values of trust, integrity and loyalty for the clients that we serve. We conduct visual inspections for various industries, including general fabrication, lifting equipment, crane repair, mining, construction and quarry trucks, and MTO truck scales.

We also render quality assurance during the manufacturing process, in-field/onsite surveillance, and when auditing, reviewing, and implementing company welding programs. If you have any non-destructive testing and inspection questions, please contact us by clicking here. To learn more about the other services we have to offer, please click here. 

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