Welding pre-heat options reconsidered

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In recent years the use of induction heating equipment has increased drastically, ever since a welding equipment manufacturer made the equipment more readily available on a retail level. The primary benefit of using induction is that it heats material quicker than methods using traditional electrical resistance. This can be very useful for a post-weld heat-treat cycle or for heating a hub on a shaft for easier removal. But what about for welding pre-heat?

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Original Article Source Credits:   Canadian Metal Working , https://www.canadianmetalworking.com/

Article Written By: David Scott Fong 

Original Article Posted on:  June 3, 2021

Link to Original Article:  https://www.canadianmetalworking.com/canadianfabricatingandwelding/article/welding/welding-pre-heat-options-reconsidered

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